About Us

Welcome to Our World of Healing and Plants

Herb Whisperer is a family run business by Thomas Avery Garran and Holly Wu. We are committed to help people to become more self-sufficient managing their health in this resources-limited and fast-developing world, by teaching them how to use and grow herbs. We believe that everyone can make more difference when they are more connected with plants and nature. Additionally, we are excited to help professionals further develop their craft with classes and courses targeted to assist practitioners get better results.

Started in 2011 after the sudden death of our daughter Autumn Reine, we were inspired to carry forward her legacy by offering herbal and ecological education to children through the Learning Garden starting in her honor in Beijing, China. We expanded into a farm (17 acres) where we grew Chinese herbs organically and ran a CSA for several years and taught people how to live a healthier life style.

Carrying On the Legacy, Creating the Future

After more than 15 years of studying, researching, and living in Beijing, Thomas moved back to the USA with his Chinese wife Holly Wu in 2023. With an invitation from Michael Tierra, Thomas’s most respected long-time teacher, offering the opportunity to purchase the East West School of Herbology, Herb Whisperer purchased the school in early 2023. We are truly blessed.

Herb Whisperer, Inc is now the owner of the East West School of Herbology and aside from that herb school with more than 40 years of history, we offer other classes by both Thomas and other teachers; onsite learning (coming soon); an online store with products curated by Thomas; American grown Chinese herbs (and other herbs); medicinal plant seeds; and other herb and plant related materials.

So, who are we?

Are you interested in becoming an herbalist?

We are excited to announce our updated course for beginning students of herbal medicine; the Home Herbalist Course.