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Thomas Avery Garran; herbal consultation

How Can I Help You?

Herbal Consultations with Dr. Thomas Avery Garran, PhD

30+ years experience in plant medicine

15+ years full-time experience in clinical medicine

12+ years experience in herb cultivation

PhD in Chinese Medicine: Materia Medica (China)

With more than 30 years of experience across many aspects of herbal and Chinese medicine, I am uniquely qualified to help you.

Herbal Consultation for Your Health

An herbal consultation with Thomas is a choice for experience. Thomas began seeing clients in 1994, holds a Masters of Chinese Medicine, and a PhD in Materia Medica Studies (China).

Dr. Garran did clinical apprenticeships with Michael Tierra, Wang Juyi, Liu Jingyuan, and Wu Bolin.

Thomas brings extensive experience in plant medicine and natural health to every personal health consultation. Dr. Garran believes that a good practitioner is a guide with an empathetic ear.

Move toward a more healthy life today.

herbal consultation


Leverage Thomas’ 30+ years of experience as a practitioner, teacher, and scholar of Chinese and herbal medicine to improve your clinical results, take a deep dive into a particular area of study, or endeavor to transform your life as you immerse yourself in the world of plant medicine. This herbal consultation is personal and I’m here to guide you through the process of becoming or becoming a better herbalist.

Thomas Avery Garran; echinacea; mentoring; apprenticeship; Chinese medicine; herbal consultation

Herbal Consultation for Herbal Formulation & Research

Dr. Garran brings more than 30 years of experience in herbal medicine and a fluency in both modern and traditional texts, including from the Chinese tradition. He has worked through the entire process of creating products from growing and wildcrafting to research and formulation.

Whether you’re launching a new product line or simply retooling your currently line, do it with the confidence knowing that you have Thomas’ 3+ decades backing you in your process.

Thomas Avery Garran; herbal consultation

Growing & Processing Herbs

Are you:
1. Currently growing medicinal plants and want to work towards improving?
2. An experienced farmer looking to branch out into perennials and medicinal plants?
3. Looking to add Chinese herbs to your current crops but don’t know how to process them?

Leverage my more than a dozen years of experience as a farmer and medicinal plant agricultural researcher. Through this herbal consultation, you can let my experience work for you.

herbal consultation


Does Dr. Garran work with clients via telehealth?

Yes, with recent developments in technology that allows people to communicated more directly, telehealth has become more common place. Join Dr. Garran and take advantage of this technology to work with him no matter where you live.

For those within the United States, Dr. Garran can send an herbal formula. Unfortunately, due to postal regulations, we are unable to send herbal formulas outside of the US.

Yes, we are currently working on an application for our up-coming 2024 apprenticeships.

Yes, Thomas enjoys working with practitioners to help them puzzle out a difficult case or just wants some guidance about a particular topic.

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