Herb Photography

A photographic glimpse into the world of plants, mostly medicinal but always plants.

Join me for a photographic adventure with plants

After many years of not chasing plants with my camera, I picked up the old habit back in 2018 and I’ve been exploring new photographic techniques that I’m really enjoying. There’s a lot to add and we are working diligently to constantly add new photos, so make sure you check back regularly!

Photographs found here include plants from around the world but primarily focus on China, Europe, and North America, at least for now; stay tuned!

Aconite, Slightly Pilose

Lily, Shandan 山丹

These galleries will expand over time, so check back regularly.

Plants are organized by common name, botanical Latin name, and Chinese name (if applicable). And, a robust search function will allow you to find any plant we in the gallery.

Look for photos of both living plants and dried herbs.

The photos in these galleries are very low resolution but sufficient for web-viewing. High quality versions are available upon request.

Enjoy and let us know if there are any photos you need for your website, marketing campaign, magazine, or anywhere else, we’ll be happy to discuss terms with you. 

Need Accurate Identification?

The dry herb photos presented here can be used as a reference for identification of raw material.

If your company needs accurate identification references and would like to use these photos with added information for either training or reference, please contact us using the form below and put “reference ID” in the subject line of your email.

Please be respectful of the work required to present this gallery

We are happy to license any photographs to you. If you have a specific shot you would like for a plant but don’t see it here, we will be happy to help you get what you need.

All inquiries for photos should be directed to: [email protected]