Student of the Month

Sheri Kurdakul,
November 2023

I was once described as “funky, yet balanced” by an HR Director and I think that is a fair assessment. While I am currently the CEO of a specialized tech company ( and my background has been in marketing operations and database administration, I have always aligned myself with social impact clients, projects, or volunteer spaces. I have also always had gardens; herbs, veggies, fruit trees, and flowers. 
Being a survivor of long-term trauma, I wanted to do more than provide tech tools for other survivors. I wanted to show them that they can have autonomy over their own care, well-being, and healing. Herbs are such a gentle way to do that. I originally signed up for the East West course in 1998, but my own trauma prevented me from being able to give it my full attention. I found myself researching schools again in 2022 and just felt so drawn to the East West clinical program, so I re-enrolled and now love diving in.
My goal is to become a community RH with a focus on helping those struggling through trauma and all that comes with it. My family is so supportive of my journey and that helps when the content feels overwhelming. 
I live and work just outside of Trenton, NJ with my family, which means my ¼ acre property is considered an urban garden. I care for my mom (she lives with us) who is disabled from multiple traumatic brain injuries and has dementia. When my hands are not in the soil or typing on a computer, I love to write, read, paint, cook, and find clean foraging locations to fill my home apothecary (my husband keeps asking why I need more jars – LOL).
I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to me anytime.