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American Herbalism: Essays on Herbs and Herbalism. LIMITED # of COPIES / OUT OF PRINT

by Members of the American Herbalist Guild. Edited by Michael Tierra, OMD. 1992. Freedom CA. The Crossing Press. Softcover. 321 pp.This is a book of essays by some of America’s best known and most prolific herbalists and herbal writers. Contributors include Michael Tierra, Jeanne Rose, David Christopher, Amanda McQuade-Crawford, David Winston, Jim Green, Silena Heron, David Frawley, Brigitte Mars, Rosemary Gladstar Slick, David Hoffman, Mindy Green, Lesley Tierra, Michael Moore, Christopher Hobbs, Paul Bergner, Feather Jones, Roy Upton, and Robert Flaws.

The book is divided into four sections: “Our Herbal Heritage,” which includes essays on herb history and perspectives on folklore and herbal medicine; “Herbalists and Herbal Elders,” which includes profiles on the late John R. Christopher and a Canadian herbalist Norma Myers, with essays on native American ethnobotany and traditional Chinese herbalists; “Herbalists Using Herbs,” with essays on herbal treatments for specific conditions; and “Herbalists on the Practice of Herbalism,” with essays on various cultural aspects of herbalism, herbal toxicity and herbal efficacy. This book could have been called The Herbal Manifesto, as it is clearly a volume with various arguments supporting the case for herbs in modern health care, written by people with a deep sense of reverence for the rich history and tradition of herbs as well as a high degree of knowledge in their preparations and applications.

Paperback / 1992

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