Metaphor-phosis by Lesley Tierra



Priced at $17.99, Metaphor-phosis has 253 pages packed with wisdom, inspiration and guidance to transform your health and emotional/mental/spiritual issues from those of pain to ones of power.

This is a perfect gift not only for you but also your friends and family as well.This is a major part of Lesley’s life’s work and personal soul’s journey and she offers this special price to help you thank your illnesses so you can shift from pain to power and help others do so, too.

Do the same things happen to you over and over?

Do people treat you in similar ways?

Do you feel stuck in repeating negative patterns?

In over 30 years of clinical practice I’ve learned that most people’s health problems stem from deeper emotional, mental and spiritual issues that arise from past wounds and stories and organize into recurring life patterns. This, coupled with my own journey in self-healing

, has taught me that

whether you want to improve your life or make major changes, the “magic” key lies in discovering your limiting subconscious patterns and diffusing their energy so when you focus on what you desire instead, there’s nothing in the way to block its manifestation. My new book, Metaphor-phosis: Transform Your Stories from Pain to Power, helps you do just that – catalyzes a potent shift so you emerge a different person.

To truly change your outer life it’s necessary to first shift your inner life. Through a complete toolbox that takes you beyond mere psychological tricks and into the dimension of Spirit, Metaphor-phosis helps you harness the extraordinary power within to transform your life.

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-Lesley Tierra


“It’s honey for my soul.” L.V., Santa Cruz, CA

“What an important work!” A. C., Chicago, IL

“This book is insightful, intriguing, fascinating, highly practical and very well written. This information will be quite beneficial to those who seek to overcome their dysfunctional patterns and develop a freer, more fulfilling life. Very well done!” R.J, Bloomington, Indiana

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