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Have your been wanting to take charge of your health and the health of your family?

Study herbs online and become an herbalist from home:

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Built on our school’s more than 44 years in operation, study herbs online with two of the most experienced and respected herbalists in North America, Lesley Tierra and Thomas Avery Garran, you will gain agency and become more health independent. The course introduces the essentials of herbal medicine, with a focus on the energetic system rooted in the ancient healing arts of China. The course empowers you and guides you in the use herbs for some of the most common discomforts of everyday life.

The course allows you to study herbs online and invites you to join our herbal community through our forums, which allow you to interact with teachers and other students. The Home Herbalist Course introduces you to energetic healing with herbs, how to make your own herbal preparations, and more.

You will become the healer of your family and the supportive community member that others will look to for advice.

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Home Herbalist Course highlights

Lesson 1: An Introduction Herbal Energetics

This lesson will introduce the foundations of how to approach healing from an energetic perspective; for example, how herbs are classified and how to assess an illness so that we can choose the appropriate herbal approach.

Lesson 2: The Energetics of Illness

Determining how an illness presents itself leads us to a variety of different treatment approaches. The nature of the illness can manifest quite differently from person to person. To understand the nature of an illness, we observe the various signs and symptoms, which form a pattern.

Lesson 3: The Nature of Food

In this chapter we will explore the nature of food and its importance to health and healing. The food we eat is an especially important part of our health, but it is also a deeply personal part of our lives.

Lesson 4: The Blurry Line that sometimes Separates Foods and Herbs

Most of the foods we eat have a long history of cultivation, but this is not true for most herbs. Herbs are sometimes food, and sometimes food may be used as a medicine in a similar way that herbs are used. One of the places this can be seen is with many common weeds, some of which were formally known as “pot herbs” or “spring greens.” These herbs blur the line between food and herb.

Lesson 5: Herbal Fundamentals

In this chapter we cover a lot of ground including safety issues around the use of herbs, understanding the different types of commercial products available on the market, a primer on the potential of herb-drug interactions, dosing and administration, picking your own herbs and more.

Lesson 6: Herbal Preparations - External Applications

There are a wide variety of external preparations. In this section we will introduce each of them and explore some simple methods of utilizing them for you and your family.

Lesson 7: Herbal Preparations - Internal Applications

In this lesson, we will cover the various types of internal preparations, how to make them, when they are most appropriate, and even offer some simple formulas for you to use with your family and friends

Lesson 8: Herbal First Aid

Whether you are going camping or on a family vacation, having a simple herbal first aid kit can be very useful. An herbal first aid kit is most useful when you have immediate need for a remedy for various minor health problems.

Lesson 9: Taking a Natural Approach

In this section we provide several ways to treat specific ailments.

  • If you want a quick remedy, go to Simple Remedies
  • If you want more in-depth treatment of a condition, go to Common Ailments
  • If you want a formula to treat an illness, go to Basic Formulas

Lesson 10: Materia Medica - The Herbs

A materia medica is the body of herbs used to assist those who are ill. In this materia medica, we discuss many different herbs and their uses in multiple contexts throughout the lessons. Here we introduce individual herbs and their uses, energetics, properties, doses, contraindications, as well as other pertinent information.

Getting into herbal medicine with the Home Herbalist Course

Do you want to learn to use herbal medicine for your own health and the health of your family, but can't take a long or extensive course?

  1. You will be able to better understand your own body
  2. You will be able to better understand the health and wellness of your family
  3. You will be able to apply herbs into your everyday life
  4. You will be able to take care of yourself and your family
  5. You will be able to recognize when an illness is simple or serious
  6. You will join a large community of herbalists from around the world
  7. You will have access to videos, books, and teachers

We empower you with resources to be self-sufficient when caring for yourself and your family. As the caretakers of the East West School of Herbology, one of the oldest and most respected schools of herbology in North America, we offer decades of experience in the field, both as practitioners and as teachers and mentors to some of the most well-known herbalists in the world.

The Home Herbalist Course is both a stepping stone for those who wish to gain a sense of agency in their health care as well as a gateway for those who might go on to further study. It covers a substantial amount of foundational yet immediately useful information that you can employed for your own health and healing as well as that of your family.


The complete Home Herbalist Course, self-grading quizzes, projects with personal evaluations, certificate of completion and life-time access to your course and the student forum where you can interact with other students, ask questions, and an extensive library of articles and books.

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