Herb Whisperer's

Organic Farm & Learning Center

Bringing together tradition & science:

to rehabilitate and regenerate the land to produce high-quality medicinal plants and mushrooms

At Herb Whisperer we are focused on climate conscious, regenerative agricultural practices to reduce or eliminate the pressures associated with invasive species while improving diversity of native plants and other biota.

We steward 43 acres of land in the hills of Western Massachusetts. The land has ~7 acres of open fields, approximately 1 acre has been planted as an orchard with apple, pear, cherry, chestnut, American hazelnut, as well as black berry, raspberry, blueberry, grape. The remaining area is forested with a mostly middle aged group of trees including cherry, sugar maple, red maple, red oak, white pine, white ash, sweet birch, and others.

Herb Whisperer Farm

At Herb Whisperer farm we have integrated the power of traditional agriculture techniques and restoration efforts with modern sciences, particularly ecology, with a dash of permaculture to offer a unique botanical sanctuary and learning center.

We are a USDA Certified Organic farm. We offer tours, classes, and courses as well as a growing number of medicinal plants, seeds, and plant material for people using herbs.
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